Dental Treatment FAQ’S

Most common problem is toothache. i.e mainly pain in one single tooth that may spread sometimes to head, neck or ear areas.

Most of the time two options of treatment is available:

  1. save the tooth by doing root canal treatment, followed by (build up recreating lost tooth and having a crown/cap put on it as the tooth becomes like a glass after root canal treatment)
  2. extract the tooth- followed by replacement of the tooth as bridge or partial to avoid detrimental effects of lost tooth to the surrounding tooth structures.

These treatment relives pain most of the time. The third option being to not to do anything which is painful and sometimes dangerous/life threatening.

  1. If the pain is in one particular tooth- mostly its one tooth problem. If not multiple tooth or gums could be involved.
  2. If the pain is sharp and shooting pain: Mostly it happens in a short duration of time and is an acute infection or injury. If the tooth is not broken down badly tooth may be saved by root canal treatment. If not it needs to be extracted especially if its a wisdom tooth or pieces of tooth left.
  3. If pain is throbbing and dull aching and wakes you up at night. Mostly the tooth is in process of dying/loosing its nerve sensations. Its a chronic or long standing condition as the pain has been there for months to years. But it is still very painful to go through this. Most of the time you might have had pus /swelling that was on and off  suggestive of a dead tooth or tooth that lost its nerve sensations and might be infected. If there is enough tooth structure left it could be saved by root canal treatment if not it needs to be extracted.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are young and if the tooth could be saved its advisable at all cost to save it then to remove it. As removal of a tooth might be a permanent relief of pain but it can lead to damages to other tooth and gums and also any future treatment is expensive and at times can get more complex. You can watch the video below that informs what happens when you loose a tooth over a period of time.