Dental Insurance FAQ


Why do I need Dental Insurance?

  • Its good for routine dental care and if you have few dental problems.
  • Most dentist now a days offer discount dental plans in their office that is good for your routine dental care as the cost is equivalent to the premium you pay.

What if I have multiple dental problems or major dental problems

  • You should have a large coverage which is hard to get in reality or dual insurance coverage best possible option.
  • Or pay out of pocket if you can afford or get some healthcare financing from banks or credit agencies as your treatment will need lot of time and commitment and dental insurance are not designed for that. Only exceptions being diplomats and other government agencies, news readers, Hollywood stars that have full coverage.

What insurance should you buy and where to buy?

  • Best is the coverage that you get from your employer as its cost effective for family.
  • Second option is from Obamacare or the government insurance website
  • Few tips
    • It’s better to talk to your dentist or shop around before purchase one to know your available options.
    • But mostly stick with major insurance plans that most of the dentist will accept so that even in case of emergency you don’t have to worry travelling too far to a dentist who accepts your plan it won’t be worth the travel and pain that one has to go through.